November 21, 2016 News

PT Herlina Indah Participates in National Health Day 2016

Beside selling with various promos and interesting gimmick, PT HI also held sampling Soffell Apples and education about the prevention of dengue fever (DBD) and zika virus using mosquito repellent lotion with 2 protections to the exhibition visitors HKN Health Development Day 2016. Not only that, there was social media activities in the booth, with just follow and like photos on Instagram account @Soffell_ID, @ForceMagicID, and @ SiAntiKuman, visitors get a prize or gimmick which greeted enthusiastically.

Partisipasi PT Herlina Indah dalam pameran Pembangunan HKN 2016 adalah sebagai salah satu komitmen perusahaan untuk selalu mendukung dunia kesehatan dan membina hubungan baik dengan lembaga pemerintahan, khususnya Kementerian Kesehatan RI. Selain itu juga sejalan dengan visi dan misi dari PT Herlina Indah yakni sebagai perusahaan yang memproduksi produk-produk yang aman dan berkualitas untuk masyarakat Indonesia.

Participation of PT Herlina Indah in the exhibition HKN 2016 is company’s commitment to always support the world of health and maintain a good relation with government agencies, especially the Ministry of Health. In addition, this event is also in line with the vision and mission of PT Herlina Indah as a company that produces products that are safe and quality for Indonesian people.

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