October 21, 2023 News

Enesis Group Employee Health Examination Program: Caring for Well-Being and Prevention Together

As an FMCG company engaged in the production of health products in the household & personal care category, Enesis Group certainly has a vision and goal in the tagline “Healthy Products for Healthy Families”, so with this vision, Enesis Group is committed to creating a healthy lifestyle wherever it is. , including within the scope of the Enesis product production and distribution team.

To create a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, Enesis Group collaborates with Kimia Farma to provide Pap Smear examinations (for female workers only) and blood sugar checks. The inspection was carried out on October 20 2023 at the Lobby of PT.Marketama Indah, Pulogadung.

Of course, this examination activity is one way that Enesis Group supports the health and welfare of its workers by providing regular health examinations. The Pap Smear examination is specifically designed for early detection of cervical cancer, as it is known that cervical cancer is a serious health problem, but with proper examination, the risk of cervical cancer can be minimized. Apart from that, this blood sugar checking program is also Enesis Group’s goal to monitor the metabolic health of employees and prevent diabetes.

Both programs are useful for identifying health problems at an early stage to allow for prompt treatment and offer the best chance of a positive outcome. Carrying out regular medical check-ups can also provide an opportunity for Enesis Group employees to get the best and most appropriate treatment if there are workers suffering from certain diseases, whether chronic or infectious diseases, which can affect work productivity and efficiency of the company.

Through a regular medical check-up program, this is a concrete step for Enesis Group to support employee welfare and increase awareness of the importance of prevention and health monitoring.

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