March 28, 2017 News

Pasarku Adem Roadshow With Adem Sari

During March to April 2017, Adem Sari held a roadshow  of “Pasar Adem” by opening 2 booths selling in a some of traditional markets in several cities in Indonesia such as Bogor, Tangerang, Banjarmasin, and others. On the occasion, besides establishing a booth selling, Adem Sari also held an education of product knowledge of Adem Sari by Sales Promotion Girl (SPG) which can relieved heatiness, especially after eating spicy, greasy, or hot foods.

To prove the efficacy of Adem Sari, the visitors were given the opportunity to follow the “EMAS” (Enaknya Menikmati Adem Sari), the activity of eating fried food with chilli then ended it with drinking Adem Sari together to prevent heatiness. During the event which started at 6 am, the visitors give a positive feedback about Adem Sari. A wide range of visitors, such as elderly and  young people visited Adem Sari’s booth to follow all the activities in it.

The purpose of this event, according to Jane Selly (Product Manager of Adem Sari) is to maintain the brand awareness of Adem Sari and educate the public about the product knowledge of Adem Sari which now has new packaging, more practical, and no need to stir anymore.