December 16, 2021 News

New Life Style, this Model Shows “kerokan” using Plossa

Transmedia’s 20th Anniversary Commemoration was held lively at Trans Studio Cibubur. This celebration was broadcast live on Trans TV and Trans 7 . The celebration featured a fashion show session or Fashion Show with well-known actress models such as Jessica Iskandar, Aura Kasih, Tyas Mirasih, Marsha Aruan and Jolene Marie. The models also walked gracefully accompanied by the appearance of Judika who performed the song Until You Become Mine. But it turns out that there is something different from the fashion show this time. These models wear backless clothes and show a mottled back, aka after they have been scraped off!

It turns out that they are voicing Kerokan as a New Life Style, so now we don’t need to be ashamed and cover up if we run out of scraps. Why is that? Scraping is Indonesian culture from generation to generation, but usually scrapings use coins, but scrapings have now leveled up, today’s practical and hygienic scrapings use Plossa Eucalyptus.

Plssa Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Oil with 4 benefits in 1 product. Plossa Eucalyptus can be used for scrapings, inhalers, massages and rubs. In the rainy season like today, we are easily affected by diseases, the most common of which is colds. If you have a cold, don’t use coins anymore, but use Plossa Eucalyptus because it is practical and more hygienic. It’s easy, just rub with the roll-on part and scrape using the flat part of the lid

In addition to catching a cold, when it rains and the air is cold, we are also easy to catch the flu. If you have a runny nose, it can be relieved by inhaling the Plossa Eucalyptus inhaler to make your breath easier. If you are achy, you can use the blunt end of Plossa Eucalyptus to massage the tight areas. And in times of pandemic like today, we still have to maintain the process by wearing masks. So that you don’t feel tight, you can apply the mask with a roll on Plossa Eucalyptus

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