March 29, 2024 News

A Moment of Breaking the Fast Together with the Enesis Family in the Month of Ramadhan

In order to strengthen ties, Enesis Group held an iftar event with all employees at each of its plants on March 28 2024. Breaking the fast together is a long-awaited moment because it has the meaning of togetherness and is a forum for positive interaction.

At breaking the fast together this time, Plant Ciawi raised the theme “Increasing Faith, Solid Ukhuwah Teamwork” with Habib Nabil bin Ridho Al Habsyi.

Meanwhile, Plant Cikarang raised the theme “Through Ramadhan Full of Blessings, Let Us Build Personality with Better Integrity” with Ust. M. Zaenal Muttaqien, LC.

And Plant Pulo Gadung raised the theme “Ramadhan Blessings, Breaking Solid Spirits and the Closeness of Islamic Brotherhood” with K.H. Ahmad Satiri (Sunan Kali Malang).

This joint fast breaking event was opened with the reading of the holy verses of the Koran, then continued with remarks from representatives from all company leaders and the chairman of the joint fast breaking event committee. To share happiness and blessings in the holy month of Ramadhan, at the Pulo Gadung Plant there are a series of events that provide compensation for those in need. This event of breaking the fast together was enlivened by live music and don’t forget to give prizes to those who could answer questions asked by the presenter.

It is hoped that this event of breaking the fast together can open up social interaction within the company environment and feelings of gratitude.

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