February 4, 2024 News

Let’s Rock to Grow: Exploring Team Potential and Synergy to Achieve Enesis Group Growth 2024

The HRGA, Legal, PR & RA Team held a Business Plan event on 1-3 February 2024 at Richie Garden Sentul, Bogor. With the theme Let’s Rock to Grow, this event means that we need to show enthusiasm, enthusiasm and motivation to give our best. So, the entire HRGA, Legal, PR & RA teams can work together to achieve Enesis Group’s goal in 2024, namely Grow.

The 2024 HRGA, Legal, PR & RA Business plan event was opened by Bambang Cahyono as Chief Human Resources Officer. In his speech, Bambang Cahyono conveyed the business challenges and strategies that must be a priority for the HRGA, Legal, PR & RA departments, covering three main things, namely: winning organizations, winning workplaces, and winning people.

  1. winning organization means creating an organization that is agile, ready to face the future, and competitive with ACTIVE as the culture and compliance as the foundation.
  2. winning workplaces means creating a comfortable, homely and harmonious workplace with a strong IR foundation and a diverse modern approach.
  3. winning people means creating the best talent through developing strong human resources to improve performance.

These three things are carried out on a strong legal basis, stakeholders, ACTIVE culture, and the best performance. This is packaged in a three-year Human Resources journey, namely 2024: Building a strong foundation, 2025: Best business partner, 2026: We have business drivers and transformation triggers.

Activities carried out during the business plan include creating a 2024 KPI alignment using 3+1 that is in line with business, engagement through individual presentations from each department and section, as well as fun team building activities to encourage teamwork and integrity.

This business plan was attended by representatives of each HRGA, Legal, PR & RA department who reported directly to the Department Head and Chief Human Resources Officer. In fact, the 2024 cascading business plan for the HRGA, Legal, PR & RA Department is the “what” and “how” that is in line with business priorities. As a result of the business plan discussion, each participant was asked to make a presentation which would receive challenges and input from the CHRO and other participants. Apart from that, each participant was also asked to perfect their business strategy as outlined in the 3+1 objective.

At the end of the event, participants were invited to take part in outbound fun. This outbound activity aims to build synergy, effective communication and collaboration, increase engagement as a team and break the silo mindset.

Hopefully, with the 2024 HRGA, Legal, PR & RA business plan, participants will find it useful to align individual KPIs with business priorities, and participants will be able to understand the targets of each colleague or other section, including the connectivity of targets to business priorities in the Enesis Group.

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