September 23, 2023 News

Training visit for prospective Chemical Occupational Safety and Health Experts (AK3) to Enesis Group

Enesis Group, PT Herlina Indah was selected as one of the companies that received a visit from the Chemical Occupational Safety and Health (AK3) Expert Candidate Training from the Center for Health and Occupational Health at the Department of Manpower, Transmigration and Energy, DKI Jakarta Province on September 22 2023.

This visit was well received by Mr. Tahan Simanjuntak as Head of Plant Herlina Indah. The series of events consisted of plant visits and material provided by Mr. Denov Yanfico Manihuruk as Head of Production Plant Helina Indah and Mr. Ruswanto as Health, Security and Environment (HSE) Section Head of Enesis Group.

K3 Training Chemists have practices and strategies adopted in the work environment to maintain the safety and health of workers involved in the use, handling, storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous chemicals. This aims to prevent worker exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals and reduce the risk of injury, illness and negative environmental impacts. Apart from that, K3 Kimia also aims to maintain environmental integrity and prevent negative impacts on the surrounding community.

Correct implementation of Chemical K3 practices is very important in work environments that use or are involved in hazardous chemicals. This not only complies with existing rules and regulations, but also ensures a safer and healthier work environment for everyone involved.

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