February 17, 2024 News

Clinic PT. Herlina Indah Wins 1st Place in the Tuberculosis Control Program

As an FMCG company that produces health and personal care products such as Soffell, Antis, Adem Sari, Amunizer, Kispray, Vegeta Herbal, Vegeta Scrubber, Plossa and Force Magic, Enesis Group cares about health issues. Therefore, Enesis Group continues to create health programs to support the welfare of Enesis/Enesian employees, one of which is related to the Tuberculosis Control Program.

On Friday, February 16 2024, Clinic PT Herlina Indah (Enesis Group) took part in the monitoring and evaluation of clinic networks in the Tuberculosis Control Program in Cakung sub-district, East Jakarta. This event was also attended by the East Jakarta South Jakarta Department of Health (Sudinkes) TB Wasor, the East Jakarta FE PPM Tuberculosis Team, and various primary clinics around Cakung District.

In this event there was also a competition related to the tuberculosis program from various East Jakarta primary clinics and one of the most interesting moments at this event was the announcement of the winner in appreciation for the dedication and achievements in efforts to control tuberculosis from the East Jakarta Sub-department.

With pride, Clinic PT Herlina Indah, who is part of the Enesis Group, was named 1st place in this program. This achievement is the result of hard work and commitment carried out by the PT Clinic team. Herlina Indah to continue to promote education and prevention of tuberculosis. Not only that, Dewa Medika Clinic and Pratama Sukma Anggrek Clinic also won awards as 2nd place and 3rd place.

This achievement is certainly a motivation for the Enesis Group to continue to innovate and contribute more in efforts to control infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, as well as strengthen the clinic network to achieve common goals in fighting this disease.

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