February 4, 2023 News

Blessed Friday with Adem Sari at the Nurul Ummi Orphanage

The movement to share Adem Sari Ching Ku on February 3 2023 at the Nurul Ummi Orphanage, Makassar-South Sulawesi received support from the Enesis Group. This assistance was directly provided by Alfian Kasman as the Sulawesi Enesis Group Brand Activity Executive (BAE) to the orphanage residents.

Adem Sari as a local product containing high Vitamin C and natural herbs has been recognized for 33 years and has been successful in helping relieve sore throats and heartburn among Indonesian people.

The enthusiasm of the residents was also seen when the residents received the Adem Sari Chingku given by the area team. In addition to sharing Adem Sari Chingku, Enesis Group also conducts education about the symptoms of heartburn and how to prevent them.

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