August 19, 2019 News

Enesis Group Conducts Socialization and Workshop in Pulo Gadung

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) is a disease that is still a public health problem in Indonesia. This year, it is known that some regions in Indonesia have experienced an increase in dengue cases. Based on this and to enliven the 74th Indonesian Anniversary, Enesis Group conducted socialization on the prevention of DHF to residents around the factory with the theme “#MerdekaDariNyamuk, especially residents in RW 8, Jatinegara, Cakung, East Jakarta.

Ani Aryani (HR Corporate Head) said “We hope that with the awareness-raising program of DHF, residents will be more concerned about the health of themselves and their families and maintain the cleanliness of their environment to avoid DHF and #MerdekaDariNyamuk” said Ani.

Shabrina Ghassani Roza (Enesis Group Doctor) explained, in preventing DHF must begin with awareness from residents to protect themselves from mosquito bites. “Prevention can be done easily by doing 3MPlus, which is closing water storage, draining the tub, and burying or recycling unused items. Then, the plus is that one of them uses mosquito repellent lotion to open body parts as personal protection or spraying mosquito repellent, besides that it can also plant mosquito repellent plants, nurture larvae-eating fish, or sleep using mosquito nets, “Shabrina explained.

In this socialization activity in addition to education about DHF and how to prevent it, Enesis Group also held a Waste Recycling Workshop in cooperation with the Menteng Gesit Parent Bank, Sri Endarwati (BSI Manager) positively welcomed the activities carried out by Enesis Group, “With the guidance and training of Enesis Group, we can make use of plastic waste into a work of art so that this garbage is no longer an obstacle to waterways that causes flooding or trash that damages the environment, but can be used as valuable and useful items such as bags, containers, tissues, flower pots, or pencil case, so that from useless plastic waste becomes valuable things ” she explained.

Elkana Lewerissa (Public Relations Head of Enesis Group) revealed that this activity is one of the company’s commitments to carry out a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in the field of DHF control and the environment. “This socialization activity is a concrete manifestation of Enesis Group’s commitment to disseminating information to the wider community about the danger and prevention of DHF. We also work with BSI as one form of Enesis Group’s responsibility for the problem of plastic waste. We hope that through this activity, the community can utilize plastic waste so that it can be processed into useful goods, “Elkana added.

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