April 5, 2019 News

Enesis Group Socializes Dengue Fever Prevention

Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) is still a threat to people in Indonesia. The high number of cases of the disease triggered by climate change and the eradication of mosquito nests is not optimal, this has caused the number of dengue cases in a number of regions during January-February 2019 to soar. To increase understanding and awareness about DHF, Enesis Group conducted a socialization of prevention of 3M Plus DHF to residents around the plant in Teluk Pinang, Ciawi, Bogor, West Java, precisely in RW 04 and RW 06.

Before the socialization began, the residents had previously carried out voluntary work to clean the environment around their homes so that they would not become a nest of the aedes aegypti mosquito. On the same occasion, Enesis Group also handed over the Soffell waste and product place which was symbolically handed over to the Chairperson of RW 04 and Chair of RW 06. Budi Hermawan (HR & GA Manager of PT Sari Enesis Indah) said that with this information dissemination activity, residents would care more about the health of themselves and their families and maintain the cleanliness of their environment to avoid dengue.

Melly Fadhilah Harahap (Doctor of Enesis Group) explained that preventing dengue fever must begin with awareness from residents to protect themselves from mosquito bites. “Prevention can be done in a simple way, which is doing 3M Plus, which is to close the water storage, drain the bath, and recycle items that have not been used. Then, plus it is one of them using lotion repelling mosquitoes to open body parts as personal protection or spraying insect repellent, besides that it can also plant mosquito repellent plants, keep larvae eaters, or sleep using mosquito nets, “Melly explained.

Besides being held in Ciawi, Enesis Group’s socialization of prevention of dengue was conducted at other factory locations, namely in Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta, and Cikarang, West Java. This activity is one of the company’s commitments to consistently carry out activities in the field of prevention of dengue. In addition, this activity is also in line with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program which has been carried out by Enesis Group with the Ministry of Health.

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