December 20, 2023 News

Enesis Group Provides Employee Welfare Through Health Checks

Enesis Group has the tagline “Healthy Products for Healthy Families”, carrying this tagline makes Enesis dedicated to creating a healthy lifestyle for its employees which is useful for employee welfare. On November 14 2023, Enesis Group held a health event at PT. Indah Marketama, Jakarta. The series of healthy activities carried out include: group exercise, blood sugar checks, and blood pressure checks. The event started with group gymnastics which was carried out in the PT Herlina Indah car parking lot. The gymnastics event was guided by a very energetic gymnastics instructor, so that the participants who took part in the gymnastics also had the same enthusiasm.

This group exercise not only provides physical health benefits, but creates an atmosphere of togetherness and positive enthusiasm among employees. After the group exercise, Enesis Group also gave each of its employees the opportunity to get free blood sugar and blood pressure checks.

In addition, on 12, 13 and 19 December 2023, Enesis Group will hold a mandatory medical check-up for all Enesis Group employees. Pulo Gadung Plant and Cikarang Enesis Plant. The medical check-up starts from 08.00 WIB – 15.00 WIB, for the Pulo Gadung Plant it is located in the MIJ building while the Cikarang Plant is located in PT SEI Cikarang Plant 2 Hall.

MCU or Medical Check Up is a health examination procedure aimed at finding out a person’s condition as a whole. The purpose of a Medical Check Up is to evaluate health conditions and help diagnose potential health problems that may arise. A health examination does not only consist of a physical examination by a doctor but also includes laboratory tests and other examinations.

The following examinations are carried out in the Medical Check Up at Enesis Group:

  • Heart Function Check (Echocardiography/ECG)

Echocardiography (ECG) aims to check the condition, structure and function of the heart.

  • Radiological Examination

Done with X-rays, the aim is to check for disease through photos or images.

  • Laboratory Tests

The types of tests that can be carried out in laboratory examinations are:

  • Hematological examination. To find out the quality and quantity of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and other things about blood.
  • Urine examination. To check color, pH, protein/albumin, sugar, bilirubin and blood.
  • Check cholesterol and test blood sugar levels

The results of this occupational health examination can be used as material for carrying out health evaluations and the results of this health examination are part of detecting early illnesses in Enesis Group employees and providing appropriate treatment if there are workers who suffer from certain diseases, whether chronic or chronic diseases. which can be contagious and other types of diseases that can affect work productivity and efficiency of the company.

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