January 19, 2024 News

Enesis Group Introduces New Innovation: Rechargeable Mini Plossa To Relieve Stress

ENESIS GROUP as an Indonesian FMCG company is currently presenting the latest innovation, namely Plossa Mini Refill. Plossa Mini Refill is a form of commitment from the Enesis Group to continue creating healthy products for healthy families.

Plossa Mini Refill comes with a new function, namely an inhaler and is the first and only aromatherapy oil that can be refilled, so it can be more efficient and economical. Plossa Mini Refill comes in two variants, namely Plossa Mini Refill Citrus and Plossa Mini Refill Panasin.

“Refillable Mini Plossa is the first and only refillable 4in1 aromatherapy innovation in Indonesia, with its mini size and refillability, it certainly makes Plossa more affordable and easy for everyone to get,” said Enesis Group CEO, Aryo Widiwardhono.

The launch of Plossa Mini Refill will be held on January 18 2024 at Lounge XXI Plaza Senayan, with the theme Regulating Mind and Body Sensations, The Magical Power of Nature’s Healing! Rechargeable Plossa Mini: The Best of Plossa with Practicality and Affordability. This launching event was attended by journalists from various media and relations who collaborate with Enesis Group.

“The way to refill Plossa Mini is also very easy, just turn the inhaler cap, tear open the Plossa Sachet and pour it in, that way you can continuously feel the benefits of Plossa Mini Refill. “So, even though it’s small, the benefits can make everyone chill,” explained Ryan when demonstrating how to refill the Plossa Mini Refill.

Not only that, Plossa friends such as Marsha Timothy and Eva Celia were also present to fill this event, then on the same occasion the participants in the launch of Plossa Mini Refill were also invited to experience firsthand the ‘Stress-Relief’ relaxation technique with Plossa by practicing breathing. and also acupressure massage by Indah Sundari S.Psi., M.Psi., Psychologist (Psychologist) and Dr. Newanda Mochtar Sp.Ak (Medical Acupuncture Specialist – RSPI Bintaro).

According to Psychologist Indah Sundari, many Indonesian people experience stress and the presence of the Rechargeable Mini Plossa can be used as a relaxation for the mind to reduce stress. “To manage stress, you can start by relaxing your mind, one of which is by using aromatherapy as an inhaler. “By inhaling refreshing aromatherapy, you can make your mind calmer and more focused.”

However, to reduce stress and make sleep calmer, not only through the inhaler technique, through the launch of the Plossa Mini Refill, Dr. Newanda Mochtar Sp. reduces stress and insomnia.

“The hope is that the participants will get direct experience using Plossa to relieve stress and help sleep. “This relaxation activity using aromatherapy proves that relieving stress and helping sleep can be done in a modern, practical and economical way,” said Ryan.

With its smaller size, the Plossa Mini Refill can be carried anywhere in a bag or in a pocket and can even be used at home, in the office or at college, so that when work is piling up, your mind is stressed or you have trouble sleeping, just inhale the aroma of the Plossa Mini. Refill and feel the relaxation. Rechargeable Plossa Mini, a little mind and body regulator with many benefits and actions. So, even though it is small in size, the Plossa Mini Rechargeable can be relied on to make all big problems “chill” to be solved.

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