December 5, 2023 News

Enesis Group Introduces HRIS KIOSK, now more User-Friendly

Not only has the year changed, now Enesis Group’s New Orange HRIS has also undergone new changes and can be faster and more enjoyable. With the KIOSK HRIS New Orange service, every employee can carry out HRIS self-service easily to take care of the administration process.

Apart from that, the Employee Self-Service KIOSK concept also has more appearance and features and makes the experience of using HRIS more enjoyable. The presence of KIOSK allows employees to take care of all administration more quickly and without face to face contact.

The KIOSK system provides many new, more modern and innovative features. Now Enesis Group employees can use HRIS KIOSK in a matter of minutes without having to deal face to face, which is very interactive and easy to use. By using HRIS KIOSK, every employee no longer needs to open a website or cell phone, because all important information such as attendance and leave allowance can be seen, accessed and submitted via KIOSK.

Using HRIS KIOSK also becomes more convenient for employees who want to print SKK and pay slips, because through KIOSK everything can be easier to use without having to wait a long time. The presence of HRIS KIOSK makes the administration process faster, all Enesians do not need to rely on computers and cellphones, besides KIOSK is more user-friendly and faster.

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