December 23, 2023 News

Enesis Group Activates Code of Business Conduct (CoBC) for All Employees

As an FMCG company, Enesis Group continues to realize higher standards of work ethics by organizing the activation of the Code of Business Conduct (CoBC).

Enesis group believes that a company’s success lies not only in the products it offers, but also in the cultural values it instills. Therefore, the Code of Business Conduct (COBC) is the main pillar in instilling company values. For this reason, Enesis Group has carried out CoBC activation on December 22 2023 online. This CoBC activation also seeks to introduce and explain the implementation of the Code of Business Conduct to all Enesis Group employees.

On this occasion, the Enesis Group code of ethics committee also explained the principles of business ethics that every Enesis Group employee must understand, namely complying with applicable laws and regulations, having no conflict with the interests of the Enesis Group, adhering to the highest ethical standards, and guided by applicable company provisions or regulations. Apart from explaining the principles of the code of ethics, the Enesis Group code of ethics committee also explains what behavior could violate the CoBC. 

The CoBC activation discussion is a very important thing to do because this discussion conveys social responsibility and professional ethics that must be implemented by each team member. After holding discussions, the code of ethics committee kicked off signing the CoBC. With this kick of signing, it means that the Enesis Group CoBC has been ratified and every employee is obliged to comply with the principles contained in it.

Symbolically, the Enesis Group code of ethics committee signed a commitment via CoBC, then the CoBC wall of fame will be signed by all employees via EIS (for employees who have EIS access) and via the CoBC book (for employees who do not have EIS access). This CoBC socialization event will be held at three Enesis Group company locations, namely Pulogadung, Cikarang and Ciawi in early 2024.

By carrying out this CoBC activation, Enesis Group hopes to create a more fair, inclusive and ethical work environment to promote the values of professionalism.


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