Enesis Group Gelar Event Selling Day Plossa Mini Isi Ulang
December 21, 2023 News

Enesis Group Holds Selling Day Mini Refillable Plossa

Enesis Group is holding a Selling Day event on December 20 2023 for the Java and Bali islands. The focus of the products sold is the selling day of the Plossa Mini Refill.

Plossa Mini Rechargeable now comes extra portable, practical and affordable. This activity is one of Enesis Group’s efforts to make the wider public aware of one of the new products from Enesis Group and is one way to approach consumers and improve the sales performance of these products.

This activity was attended by all Enesis Group employees with a total of approximately 600 participants and 120 teams that had been created by the organizing committee according to the domicile of the participants.

Each participant will carry out promotions and demos on how to use Plossa Mini Refill products which will be sold with the applicable terms and conditions, as well as providing promotional material displays in the form of posters or shopblinds.

Sales of refillable Plossa Mini may only be offered at cosmetic shops, pharmacies and retail shops for similar products with a minimum sales target of IDR. 1,800,000,-  for 25 stores.

Apart from that, participants also had to provide a product briefing and massage demo for every shop that purchased Plossa Mini Refill products. The promotion that each shop will get by purchasing Plossa Mini Refill products is 2 pcs A3 posters and 1 pcs shopblind. For shops that have the potential to sell the most products and have conditions, the shop must be in a strategic position. The total prize won in this activity was IDR. 23,400,000,- for the team that can complete the sales guidelines for the Plossa Mini Refill.

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