October 1, 2021 News

Enesis Officially Becomes the Sponsor of PON Papua XX

Enesis Group is officially the sponsor of the XX Papua PON event which will be held from 2-15 October 2021. Enesis Group’s participation in the biggest sporting event in Indonesia is part of the company’s commitment to prioritize the health of the nation.

Enesis Group’s Head of Public Relations, Elkana Lewerisa said, as a market leader in the field of providing health products, it is inevitable that Enesis Group will synergize in every sporting event.

The sponsorship support provided by Enesis Group, according to Elkana, is used as a health provision for 7,039 athletes who will compete in the XX Papua PON event. The distribution of Enesis Group’s flagship products such as Antis, Soffell, Amunizer, Air Sejuk Adem Sari, Plossa, Scrubber, Coolant and Adem Sari, is expected to help prevent the COVID-19 virus and other diseases such as DHF or Malaria.

Furthermore, Elkana added that the Enesis group also distributed free products to supporters who attended the match and the public could also visit the Enesis Group booth which was located in several venues such as the Lukas Enembe Stadium, Pasir Mako Volleyball Field Brimob Koya Yoso, Waringin Kotaraja Sports Center. , Mandala Jayapura Stadium, and Mahacandra Football Field, Cendrawasih University.

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