February 18, 2019 News

Denpasarku Sejuk With Coolant

Coinciding with the 231rd Anniversary of Denpasar City, Coolant, ionic drinks and conditioning, held the “Denpasarku Sejuk Bersama Coolant” event held in Lumintang City Park on Sunday (17/2/18). The activity began with a healthy walk followed by hundreds of residents of Denpasar and its surroundings, then continued with zumba gymnastics together.

The purpose of this “Denpasarku Sejuk Bersama Coolant” activity is to enliven the anniversary of Denpasar City and to to invite people to consume Coolant, which quickly restores the body’s freshness and restores lost body fluids after exercise or after doing other outdoor activities in tropical regions such as Bali.

On the same occasion, Kartono Adi (Promotion Head of Food Enesis Group) explained, “Not only healthy walks, “Denpasarku Sejuk Bersama Coolant” event also hold zumba gymnastics and performances by local Balinese pop singer, Jun Bintang to enhance the fun of the event”, said Kartono.

Not only sports and music activities, this “Denpasarku Sejuk Bersama Coolant” activity was also filled with various competitions which were attended by hundreds of students from Denpasar and surrounding areas, such as dance competitions, singing competitions, online game competitions, and coloring competitions, as well as various games and door prize with attractive prizes to enliven the event.

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