May 26, 2023 News

Commemorating World Hypertension Day, Enesis Group Pulogadung Holds Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Checks

World Hypertension Day is celebrated on May 17 every year. This is done to increase health awareness regarding the importance of risk factors, symptoms and ways to prevent high blood pressure.

In commemoration of World Hypertension Day, Enesis Group Pulogadung in collaboration with Enesis Pulogadung clinic medical staff held blood pressure and cholesterol checks on May 25 2023 at the Lobby of Marketama Indah, Pulogadung.

The examination is intended for Enesis Group employees, especially employees over 30 years of age. Why is it recommended for employees over the age of 30? Because, according to data from Riskesdas (Basic Health Research) in 2018 hypertension starts at the age of 30 and the risk increases with age. In order to be more targeted for the inspection. According to dr. Shabrina as a doctor at the Enesis Pulogadung Clinic, “we prioritize those over 30 years of age and above, although this does not rule out the possibility of hypertension or high cholesterol at a younger age.”

Hypertension is a silent killer disease. Because, there are not always symptoms for people with high blood pressure and sometimes a diagnosis of hypertension is found when the phase is already late and the patient has had a complicated disease and usually it will affect the performance of the kidneys, heart, eyes and so on.

Most Indonesian people only seek treatment if they already have complaints. So there is also a risk for those who have hypertension but have never had their blood pressure checked by a doctor. Dr. Shabrina also added “that’s why yesterday the Enesis Group clinic picked up the ball, making it easier for employees to carry out examinations, and thank God the management of Enesis Group also supports administrative support and examination costs are borne by the office, not in collaboration with the local puskesmas.”

The enthusiasm of Enesis Group employees was seen when the activity was held. In addition to getting blood pressure and cholesterol checks for free, employees who have already done the checks get RTD Coolant and Ammunizer drinks to maintain their immune system.

It is hoped that regular blood pressure and cholesterol checks can minimize the risk of heart disease and stroke.

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