February 6, 2023 News

Business Review Meeting with HRGA, Legal, PR & RA in 2023

Enesis Group’s HRGA, Legal, PR & RA Team held the 2023 Work Meeting (Raker) on 02-03 February 2023 at 5G Resort Cijeruk, Bogor.

This year’s Work Meeting carries the theme “ONE TEAM, ONE GOAL POWER of ONE Unity” led by Mr. Bambang Cahyono as (Chief Human Resource Officer of Enesis Group). The 2023 Working Meeting aims to align programs and it is hoped that the strategies developed together will support the achievement of company goals.

Apart from discussing the programs to be carried out during 2023, at the end of the event session an outbound was also held to foster a level of cohesiveness of communication and togetherness between the participating divisions.

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