May 12, 2015 News

Antis Received Indonesia WOW Brand 2015

Antis has been considered as one of the brands that has successfully transformed awareness into advocacy, and it just recently received an Indonesia WOW Brand 2015 award for hand sanitizer category. This award was organized by MarkPlus Insight and directly granted to Rio Sumadiwangsa (Product Manager) on March 5th 2015 at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, South Jakarta.

The winners of the Indonesia WOW Brand were chosen based on a survey by MarkPlus Insight commensed in December 2014 to February 2015 on 1350 respondents from 18 cities in Indonesia by using technic of sampling and confidence level as much as 95% with 3% of margin error. The research was conducted on Over the Counter products (OTC) or drugs that are accessable without prescriptions from the doctors at health services, for example; pharmacies, laboratoriums, beauty clinics, fitness center, and health insurance.

There were at least 5 stages of the assesment from the consumers factor. First, a person familiar with a brand (Aware), and then starts to get interested in that brand (Appeal), which will make one wants to know more about it (Ask), and finally uses the brand (Act). The developing information technology and communication adds the stages before using a brand, and that is the stage of Advocacy, where a person is recommended by everyone who knows about the brand. By receiving this award, Antis is now even more recoqnized as a recommended brand for consumer who wants to buy hand sanitizer.

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