February 4, 2017 News

After Hours Naif With Adem Sari Ching Ku Sparkling

After the success of After Hours Kahitna, Sheila On 7, and Maliq n d’Essentials, a few months ago, now on Friday (3/2/17), Adem Sari Ching Ku again participated in After Hours with Naif, a retro pop band 70 from Jakarta. Located in Empirica, SCBD, South Jakarta, at 20:15 WIB, the band that consisting of David (vocalis), Jarwo (guitarist), Emil (bassist) and Pepeng (drummer) hit the stage with their famous song “Piknik 72”.

The purpose of Adem Sari Ching Ku’s participation in After Hours is to introduce Adem Sari Ching Ku Sparkling lemon herbs made from a combination of water & cool air of mountains, lemons, herbs that can be drink at all times especially when watching music concerts orother activities so that the body free from heatiness and its symptoms.

Besides establishing a booth selling at the entrance of the venue, Adem Sari Ching Ku also providing free Adem Sari Ching Ku Sparkling for every audience. To enliven the event, before the start of the concert, there is a quiz about Adem Sari Ching Ku on stage. Not only the quiz on stage, in social media Adem Sari also held a quiz with concert tickets After Hours prizes. On the same occasion, Enesis employees from SEI Ciawi and Marketama Indah Jabodetabek also involved infiller coverage of Adem Sari Ching Ku in Naif concert.

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