September 5, 2017 News

Adem Sari Participation In Layar Tancap Untuk Semua

On Saturday, September 2, 2017, Adem Sari participated in the event “Layar Tancap Untuk Semua ” (LETUS) which located in Kedur Galar Ngawi field, East Java. In the event that cooperated with SCTV (TV Station), Adem Sari not only established a booth selling, but also held various other activities, such as mobile selling by the SPG, games with attractive prizes, also EMAS activity (Enaknya Minum Adem Sari) that become the characteristic of every Adem Sari event which the visitors/consumers are invited to directly try the efficacy of Adem Sari by at first, eating fried with chilli and then drinking Adem Sari to reduce heatiness.

According to Bayu Purbayoso (Brand Activation Executive of Adem Sari), Adem Sari’s goal in this event is to increase Adem Sari brand awareness and to educate that Adem Sari that now Adem Sari has new packaging and now Adem Sari no longer needs stirring. “In addition,  we also inform to consumers  that Adem Sari is not only consumed when we already exposed to heatiness or its symptoms, but it can also be consumed every day, especially after eating fried or greasy foods,” Bayu added.

In this LETUS event, Ngawi residents and its surrounding can directly attend and watch the best selection of movie from SCTV, this time, the movie is Warkop DKI Reborn: Jangkrik Boss. The film which directed by Anggy Umbara and starring Vino Bastian as Kasino, Tora Sudiro as Indro, and Abimana Aryasetya as Dono was also successfully entertain the visitors.

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