June 1, 2017 News

Adem Sari Muhibah Visit

On Monday (22/6/17), Adem Sari held event “Visiting Muhibah Adem Sari” which held at Al-Itifak Islamic Boarding School, Ciwidey, Bandung, West Java. In that event which cooperated with Dahlia Radio 101.5 FM Bandung, Adem Sari is not only established booth selling with various activites, such as lucky draw and doorprize with various prizes such as electronic household appliaces, but also held spreading and display for the stalls contest in Islamic Boarding School area with prizes of million Rupiah

On the same occasion, was also held the education of Adem Sari, which proven to be effective in relieving the heatiness and also eliminate the uncomfortable feeling after eating, especially after eating greasy, hot, and spicy foods such as fried foods. Not to be missed, to prove the efficacy of Adem Sari directly, also held  EMAS (Enaknya Minum Adem Sari) which is eating fried food with chilli then end it with drinking Adem Sari together, which aims to remove uncomfortable feeling after eating greasy foods.

Not to forget, the event at night also held lectures from Ustadz Al-Iltifak Islamic Boaring School as well as entertainment such as “Si Cepot” comedy to attract the attention of the residents  to attend. During the event, which was held from 15.00 WIB until 23.00 WIB was greeted happily by the visitors who are not only came from Al-Iltifak Islamic Boarding School, but also residents around the boarding school. The purpose of this event is to maintain and sharpen Adem Sari brand image. In addition, the main purpose is to educate the public about product knowledge and how to use the new Adem Sari in practical way.

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