December 8, 2014 News

Stay Energized, PROMAN Comes with the Newest Packaging

The high public need for energy drink to increase their concentration, stamina, and freshness to be able to stay energized during the day has driven PROMAN ENERGENESIS to launch new packaging in the form of 250 ml can. In spite of the different type of packaging, it still has the same benefit and keeps your stamina as well as refreshes the body during working time or driving.

The practical packaging has made Proman can be easily enjoyed anywhere and whenever when our body needs to recover some energy while driving. The vitamin B3, B5, B6, B12, caffeine, and high concentrate double ginseng contained in the Proman composition can effectively give a different fresh energy sensation. The fresh and not sour grape flavor is the right option needed to boost up your stamina and freshness.

Previously, Proman is available with bottle and travel packaging. The new variant of Proman packaging in the form of serves the right volume to relieve your thirst. Furthermore, the newest Proman packaging is expected to be able to fulfill the drivers’ need to recover their energy while driving. No need to worry about the fatigue and sleepiness because the energy content in Proman will be able to refresh your body and keep your concentration while driving.

Currently, the can packaging of PROMAN can be obtained in the nearest stores or stalls, as well as some minimarkets, such as Alfarmart, and other modern market. With only IDR 5,000 (five thousand rupiah), the consumers can enjoy can packaging PROMAN, and directly feel its sensation.

During the launching of the new packaging, Proman gives some free products for the drivers that are going through the main toll gate of Cikarang Utama and Karang Tengah since November 17, 2014 until December 9, 2014. The sampling activity conducted by Proman is also a mean to participate in the campaign to reduce the numbers of traffic accidents. Proman supports the safety traffic movement by campaigning that fatigue and sleepiness as the largest cause of accidents in Indonesia.

Besides the sampling activity, Proman also holds a #BuktiCAN campaign through the social media. The Proman CAN launching was held on Friday, November 28, 2014 in Demang Resto Sarinah, Central Jakarta by inviting a comic, Dodit Mulyanto. See our gallery of the Proman CAN launching activities via Twitter @Proman5Jam, Facebook Fanpage “Proman 5 Jam”, or Microsite