June 1, 2017 News

Adem Sari Muhibah Visit

On Monday (22/6/17), Adem Sari held event “Visiting Muhibah Adem Sari” which held at Al-Itifak Islamic Boarding School, Ciwidey, Bandung, West Java. In that event which cooperated with Dahlia Radio 101.5 FM Bandung, Adem Sari is not only established booth selling with various activites, such as lucky draw and doorprize with various prizes such as…

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May 7, 2017 News

Raisa and Anji Concert With Adem Sari Ching Ku Sparkling

For the umpteenth time, Adem  Sari Ching Ku Sparkling participated in the “After Hours” event.  This time, Anji and Raisa presented as a performer on the music which is regularly organized by Global TV. The event that was held on Friday, May 5, 2017 started at around 20:30,  the first performer is Anji who successfully…

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April 4, 2017 News

Participation of Proman in Pasar Jongkok Otomotif

Not wanting to lose the opportunity to be closer to its target market, Proman Energy Drink enliven the event of Pasar Jongkok Otomotif (Parjo) on 1-2 April 2017 at Museum Purna Bakti, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, East Jakarta. Not only established a booth selling, Proman also held a number of activities such as Drop The…

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March 28, 2017 News

Pasarku Adem Roadshow With Adem Sari

During March to April 2017, Adem Sari held a roadshow  of “Pasar Adem” by opening 2 booths selling in a some of traditional markets in several cities in Indonesia such as Bogor, Tangerang, Banjarmasin, and others. On the occasion, besides establishing a booth selling, Adem Sari also held an education of product knowledge of Adem…

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February 27, 2017 News

Enesis Participation in BPOM’s Drug and Food Safety Movement

PT Sari Enesis Indah (Enesis Group) through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program participated in social action with the theme “Concerned of Safety Drug and Food Consumption” of Indonesia National Agency of Drug And Food Control (BPOM) which coincided with Car Free Day (CFD) at Jalan Teluk Betung , Thamrin, Central Jakarta on February 26,…

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