No, Tesona use authentic sugar, so it does not contain artificial sweetener.

Tesona is more premium compared to other similar products such as Sisri or Teajus because of the ingredients. Tesona is made from authentic tea leaves and authentic sugar, not artificial sweetener, so that it will be safer and healthier.

That is right, Tesona is from ADEM SARI, so it is made by reputable producer. But, Tesona is purely a tea beverage, so it was not made to solve heatiness.

Tesona is an ordinary beverage product, so there is no maximum limit of daily consumption.

Yes, Tesona can be consumed every day.

Yes, Tesona is halal-certified.

Tea leaves contain polifenol. Polifenol is an antioxidant with 100 times more effective power than Vitamic C and 25 times stronger than Vitamin E.

Tesona has a mixed flavor of green tea and black tea, which makes it all the more tasty.

Tesona from authentic tea leaves extracts, a mix of local tea and Chinese tea.

Tesona tea color is dark brown, because it also contains black tea, which is mostly dark-coloured.

Tesona is soluble with cold water, but you do need to stir it a bit longer.

Yes, Tesona is safe to be consumed by young children, starting from the age that they can consume solid food.

Tea from high mountains is an excellent tea. The higher the mountain, the better quality of the tea will be. Highland condition and the mountain mist function as protection from the penetrating sunrays and give just the right temperature and moisture level to the plantation, so that the tea leaves can grow slowly and stay soft.

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