Diseases that can be infected by mosquito bites are:

  • Dengue Fever
  • Malaria
  • Filariasis
  • Yellow Fever
  • Chikungunya

Preventing mosquito bites using aerosol spray, fogging, condensation, or mosquito net installation can only protect us in certain limited areas. By using Soffell however, we will be protected anywhere.
Soffell Mosquito repellent can be used every day, whether being indoor or outdoor. The substances used are not hazardous, because the repellent power contained is not poisonous, but merely a formula to prevent mosquito by using aromas and unfavorable flavor for mosquitoes to bite.

Soffell contains active DEET 13%, a chemical that has the ability to prevent and repel mosquitoes or insects away, and moisturizer to prevent burning sensation when Soffell is applied.

The substances contained in Soffell produce unfavorable scent for mosquitoes and also cover the blood odor, making mosquitoes uninterested to get close and bite. The flavor of Soffell itself is not favored by mosquitoes, making alighted mosquitoes uninterested to bite the body.

First Soffell protection, by using its aroma to repel mosquitoes so that they do not get close, even if the mosquitoes insist to get closer and alight, they won’t bite, because Soffell still has the second protection, which is by producing unfavorable flavor for mosquitoes to bite.

Soffell can effectively protect the body against mosquito bites for approximately 8 hours after applications.

Mosquito repellent is not the same as insecticides (insect killers). Mosquito repellent such as Soffell protects the body against mosquito bites with its aroma which are not favored by mosquitoes without killing them. Soffell can be used directly on human skin to protect against uncomfortable mosquito bites which may cause certain diseases, especially in tropical regions which are still susceptible to Dengue fever and malaria epidemics.

Soffell Spray is a mosquito repellent in liquid form which can be applied by spraying to body parts that need protection against mosquito bites. Soffell Spray itself is more practical to use because it can be easily carried everywhere and does not mess your hands when applied. Soffell Spray also produces cooler sensation because of its liquid form, and it is available in more economical refill sachet.

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