Force Magic is an insecticide aerosol which paralyzes and kills mosquitoes effectively. Furthermore, it contains relatively higher gas pressure than other aerosol products, makes it more effective to kill mosquitoes and able to reach extended areas where mosquitoes usually hide.

Force Magic contains active Prallethrin and Permethrin which are classified as synthethic pyrethroids category. Synthetic Pyrethroids are organic class insecticides which have been developed from chrysanthemum flower concept. These types of active substances can be easily neutralized by air, and the residue does not stick/stay on the surface. When being breathed in, synthetic Pirethroids are easily excreted by our body through feces, urine and respiratory system.
Force Magic also contains purified solvent which is able to filter and minimize the poison contained in the active substances.

Force Magic Lemon & Blue have similar superiorities, however Force Magic Blue contains lower amount of perfume and very suitable for consumer who doesn’t want extreme perfume scent.

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