Antis contain:

  1. Active anti microbial substance: Irgasan DP-300 which is proven safe for skin and effectively kills germs while protecting hands against bacteria and germs that will last for approximately 2 hours (long lasting)
  2. 60% Alcohol (w/w) that can easily vaporize, thus it is harmless to body. Ethyl alcohol is widely known as the “mother nature’s disinfectant”. Alcohol is harmless in nature, works fast and it is a wide spectrum antimicrobial substance.
  3. Emollient and Moisturizer, which has 2 (two)functions, namely :
    a. Occlusive : Forms a layer of oil on your skin,which suppresses excessive evaporation of water and at the same time elevates skin moisture.
    b. Humectant : Enhances the ability of skin’s outer layer to maintain water level.

Antis contains alcohol which may dry your skin. To prevent dried skin due to the alcohol’s effect, emollient and moisturizer is added in the formula.

Antis does not leave any residue. The Alcohol contained in Antis formula will vaporize after application.

The substances contained in Antis will break the germs’ cell rilem bane to kill the germs which will fall off from skin surface.

Antis does not require water. Just apply + 0,8ml of Antis liquid, wipe and rub it on required area, such as hands surface. Antis does not require tissue or towel because it dries immediately. Antis is easy to carry while traveling can be used anytime and anywhere.

Antis can be used:

  1. Before and after meal. Before having meal, Antis is useful to kill germs, while after meal, using Antis can get rid of unpleasant food odor.
  2. After shaking hands with persons who are having flu or just sneezed.
  3. After touching money or other public facilities.
  4. Before or after touching wounds or  tending ill patience
  5. Before tending babies.
  6. After playing /touching pets.
  7. After using restroom.

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