September 1, 2011 Event

Healthy School Snack

Research showed that 44% of what school kids buy everyday at their school is not healthy. POM institute of republic of Indonesia invites everyone in Indonesia to build future generations together through monitoring Pangan Jajanan Anak Sekolah – PJAS which are safe, contains great nutrition and high quality.

Movement toward safe, high quality and nutritional PJAS proclaimed by Vice President, Prof. Dr. Boediono, on 31st January 2011. On that moment, vice president said that this particular problem on what kids eat after school seems only a small thing but actually it would bring greater impact in the future since they are the future of our country. This movement, appropriate with its name, should be done together.

The low quality of what kids in school eat these days also worsened and disturbed nutrition intake to kids with school age. Health Minister, dr Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih, MPH, DR. PH also adds that kids are vulnerable to negative impacts of unhealthy food. Looking at data from POM institute that almost half or 44% of food eaten by school kids contain dangerous chemical substance. This is worsened by bad hygiene and sanitation problems around them. That is why we need to create and make safe, high quality and nutritional PJAS actually happen and keep on telling and giving information about this to everyone.

As a form of socialization to society, on 6th June 2011, a talk show on Metro TV was being held. On this Public Corner talk show, the head of POM, Dra Kustantinah, Apt, and M.App.Sc. Through a playback video say that “POM institute needs a partnership with ministry and other relevant institutes in all kinds of form and also certain party to make this PJAS happen exactly like we expect and exactly like food security standard:. Moreover, this explanation is being explained further hosted by Million Sekarsari (Host Public Corner) with 3 speakers on the studio, which are DR. Ir. Roy A Sparringa, M.App.Sc (Deputi Pengawasan Pangan dan Bahan Berbahaya Badan POM), Prof. Suyanto P.hd (Plt. Dirjen Pendidikan Dasar), and also Arzeti Bilbina (parent’s representative)

POM institute of RI already did a survey and monitoring towards what school kids eat, launching and operationalization of mobile laboratories, routine supervision of PJAS and also development of PJAS involving technical guidance activity followed by teachers, school committee, canteen workers and food sellers. Moreover there is also material distribution of safety promotion and demonstration of rapid test on formalin testing, borax and rhodamin B.

Through “Sehat Jajanan Sekolahku“ program, PT. Sari Enesis Indah is participating in supporting implementation of PJAS. The program starts from February until September 2011 is a technical guidance and an adventure that will be held for 5 rounds involving 50 schools. This empowerment around school’s environment includes DKI Jakarta and surroundings until Cikarang and Bandung, west java.
Jejaring Keamanan Pangan Nasional (JKPN) along with PT. Sari Enesis Indah team has been doing a road show with edutainment concept to arise awareness about how important safe, high quality and nutritional PJAS is. To attract kid’s interest, they also held wall magazines contest, coloring contest, writing contest, and story telling contest, and also a healthy school canteen contest. As an evaluation from the whole PJAS activities, Festival Jajanan Anak sekolah will also be held on this coming November 2001.
National movement toward Safe, high quality and nutritional PJAS is not just a slogan. No matter how small our attention to this program can be considered as a real support and it is really appreciated. Bambang Soendoro, CEO PT. Sari Enesis Indah said that awareness and our attention toward this safe, high quality and nutritious PJAS movement is really important because our goal is to create a healthy, strong, smart and tough future generation of our country. (Indonesia)