July 16, 2012 Event

Adem Sari Achieved Indonesian Original Brands 2012

Friday, 13th July 2012, located in Grand Melia, Adem Sari succeeded in achieving an award of The Indonesian Original Brands.

The Indonesian Original Brands (IOB) Award is a program of SWA Magazine as an appreciation in introducing local brands of Indonesia to push them to compete in national or international market.

Indonesia Original Brand is given to the best brand in Indonesia by measuring local brands’ performance in 3 dimensions which are satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

The result of the measurement and survey generated an index called satisfactory, loyalty and advocacy index (ALSI). The higher the ALSI value is of a brand, the bigger the possibility there is for the brand to have a range of satisfied, loyal and advocated customers.

Source:  SWA magazine  XXVII edition (5-18 Juli 2012)

Based on the research of 5.500 respondents, accomplished in 6 big cities in Indonesia (Medan, Bandung, Jabodetabek, Semarang, Surabaya, and Makassar) throughout April until May 2012, there are 250 Indonesian brands recorded as the best brand from various categories like food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, telecommunication, body care etc.

Having a strong and powerful brand image in the market, in cooling beverage, Adem Sari ranked in the first place based on ALSI value index compared to other cooling beverage. Therefore, Adem Sari got the title of Indonesian Original Brands 2012 under the category of cooling beverage.

To complete previous awards that Adem Sari had accomplished, Indonesian Original Brands under the category of cooling beverage proved that Adem Sari is a brand that succeeded in gaining trust from people across Indonesian. (Indonesia)