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Force Magic Microns

Product Knowledge

Force Magic Microns is a synthetic pyrethroids-based aerosol insecticide. Force Magic Microns uses the micro-particle technology so that the active agent transultrin may protect us in the most effective & efficient manner.      


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  1. Practical
    With just one push, the particles of Force Magic Microns will spread around the room. These particles may even reach inaccessible areas, such as under the bed or table.    
  2. It is more effective than large/conventional aerosol mosquito repellents.
    The micro-particle technology that makes the anti-mosquito agent contained in Force Magic Microns last for 12 hours and effective for killing mosquitoes entering the room after several hours of application.      
  3. It is safer than large/conventional aerosol mosquito repellents. 
    So far, Force Magic Microns is one of the most environmentally-friendly anti-mosquito spray. Force Magic Microns use the lowest amount of anti-mosquito agent compared with that of conventional aerosol repellents and does not leave any residue.          


Lemon Scent and Orange Scent


No. Packaging Volume per unit Contents per Carton
1 Can 10 ml 12 cans

Product FAQ
What is the difference between the mechanism of action of Force Magic Microns and conventional aerosol repellents?

In Force Magic Microns, the anti-mosquito agent sprayed will evaporate and spread around the room, killing mosquitoes.

In conventional aerosol repellents, the anti-mosquito agent is unable to evaporate properly so that it will settle once it falls to the ground. Conventional aerosol repellents can only kill mosquitoes as long as the anti-mosquito agent is in the air, therefore it requires a great amount of dosage and gas pressure.  

What is the difference between the active agent of Force Magic Microns and that of regular Force Magic?

The anti-mosquito agent of Force Magic Microns (Transultrin) and of Force Magic Lemon / Blue (Prallethrin & Permethrin) are classified as synthetic pyrethroids, inspired from natural insecticides contained in the chrysanthemum flowers. However, the active agent metofluthrin contained in Force Magic Microns has much higher vapor pressure so that it evaporates more easily in the air and does not leave any residue.

Why is the volume of Force Magic Microns only 10 ml, whereas other aerosol repellents may reach 600 ml?

With 10 ml, Force Magic Microns may be used up to 30x of usage. This is because its active agent can evaporate automatically, so that its active agent may optimally spread out in the air without falling to the ground, so that no large volume is necessary.  

Should Force Magic Microns be used with a dispenser?

Force Magic Microns can be used with or without a dispenser. The use of dispenser may be tailored to the needs and preference of each consumer. 

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