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Sensa Cools Qing Ku

Product Description

Sensa Cools Qing Ku, is using the world advanced technology - cold filling, together with Liang Cha essence & others traditional herbs. No bitter taste of traditional herbs, relieve heatiness & detox fast and helps to enhance body resistance. The advantage of this technology is filling the production in low temperature condition, so that we can keep the natural flavor and active ingredients also makes the production with stronger efficacy.

Product Distribution

Lemon Lime, Herbal Green Tea, Lemon Fizz




No. Variant Packaging Stock Keeping Unit
1 Herbal Green Tea Bottle 350 ml Bottle
2 Lemon Fizz Can 330 ml Can


Product FAQ
What is the recommended and best serving size per day?

We recommend you to consume 1-2 bottle(s) per day to fulfill your Vitamin C needs per day.

Why should I consume Sensa Cools Qing Ku?

Because of Liang Cha essence and other traditional herbs that have been proven for many years for relieving symptoms of heatiness.
Vitamin C content in Sensa Cools Qing Ku also plays a great role in enhancing human’s immune system since human’s body can’t synthesize Vitamin C.

Should I be worried if I find sediment in the beverage?

No, the sediment is the natural herbal essence. You just have to shake the bottle then the sediment will dissolve itself.

After Sensa Cools Qing Ku is opened, how long can it stay out of refrigeration and still remain effective?

For best-keeping qualities and taste, keep Sensa Cools Qing Ku refrigerated after opening. It should not be left out for any more than a couple of hours, the same steps you would take for any foods or beverage that must be refrigerated after opened.

Is it okay for children to drink Sensa Cools Qing Ku?

We do not recommend for children under 14 years old because they only need less than 70 mg Vitamin C per day.

How is Sensa Cools Qing Ku different from other drink?

There is no artificial sweeteners, artificial colors or flavors in Sensa Cools Qing Ku. It also rich in Vitamin C content, active ingredients, and natural juice.

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