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Coolant is a body coolant drink made from herbal extracts (Chrysanthemum and Yam Bean extracts) combined with spring water to provide fresh, light, cool flavor and eliminate thirst quickly.



  1. Cooling & Hydration by:
    1. Cooling sweltering body with herbal extract (Chrysantemum & Yam bean).
    2. Replacing electrolyte that has been lost due to sweating.
  2. Refresh: Longer lasting body coolant.

Product Distribution

Coolant Packaging

No. Packaging Stock Keeping Unit
1 Bottle (350 ml) Bottle

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Product FAQ
Is drinking COOLANT safe?

COOLANT is safe and measurable to consume because its compositions are made based on scientific research and produced by using highly sanitized equipments and employee hygiene is strictly monitored.

What are the limits of COOLANT daily consumptions?

There are no limit, depends on your need to quench swelter and thirst. The needs for each individual are various due to different level of activities.

Are there any age limits?

It can be consumed by children age 1 and above, however it is advised to consume Coolant accordingly to body needs.

Are there any side effects of consuming COOLANT?

No, as long as your internal organs are in good condition. If you feel you’ve consumed excessively, the excessive liquid will be excreted through urine, sweat, breath, and feces. Coolant is also made of natural Chrysanthemum and Yam Bean extracts.

Is COOLANT really made of spring water?

Coolant is made of spring water from Pandaan and Sukabumi springs.

Is COOLANT suitable for women during pregnancy?

Yes it is and no problem. COOLANT does not contain soda, therefore it is safe.

Is COOLANT suitable for diabetic patients?

Being diabetic does not necessary mean being prohibited from consuming sugar, rather than limiting calories in the body. If a diabetic patients desires to consume COOLANT, it is advised not to consume it during meal time because it will increase sugar blood level fast.

How about patients with high blood pressure/hypertension?

It is suggested to consult with physician.

Can already opened COOLANT be consumed the next day?

It is suggested to finish it the same day you open it, or you can store it in refrigerator/fridge, because COOLANT does not contain preservatives. If bottle or cup is opened for a period of time, it will be easily contaminated by bacteria.

Are there any preservatives contained?


Is COOLANT a Halal Product?

Yes, because COOLANT is made of Halal ingredients, no alcohol contained, produced in the factory with Halal approved and holder of Halal license.

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