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Vegeta Herbal

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Vegeta Herbal is a supplement which is made from a combination of fibers, natural laxative and anti-gassy made from natural herbs and useful to relieve constipation.



  1. To relieve heavy constipation
  2. To help neutralizing toxic substances in the body
  3. Enabling you to perform activities comfortably due to smooth daily defecation

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Vegeta Herbal Packaging

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1 Hanger 8 Packs x 6 Hangers x 12 Sachets (5 g)
2 Box 8 Packs x 12 Boxes x 6 Sachets (5 g)

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Product FAQ
Why do we need VEGETA Herbal?

Regularly, defecation is done once a day, because feces contain toxic materials that need to be detoxified every day. Therefore, it is unhealthy when defecation happens 2-3 times a day. Vegeta Herbal is made of selected natural herbs called Plantago Ovata and Senna Folium. Plantago Ovata is a plant which only grows in Gujarat, India, however it has been widely used in United States as food fiber supplement since 1955. While Senna Folium is a herbal extract that contains laxative activity, which is useful for stimulating the colon wall to perform perilstatic movement that will trigger defecation. It  will take effect in 6-8 hours after consumption.

Are there any indications that someone needs Vegeta Herbal?

Vegeta Herbal is used to relieve constipation that has been going on for 2 days.

When is best to consume Vegeta Herbal?

To smoothen regular defecation process: 1 sachets a day before nap time, it is suggested to consume after meal. The effect will be felt in the morning. If the response is less effective, adjust the dosage to 2 times a day.

Is consuming Vegeta Herbal every day safe for digestions?

Yes, but if consume more than 7 days should consult a doctor because of continuous usage may cause constant stimulation of colon wall to perform peristaltic movement which in the end will trigger heavy diarrhea, causing the body to lose a lot of liquid and electrolyte. Long term consumption may cause inability of the colon walls to perform peristaltic movements.

Are there any side effect after consuming Vegeta Herbal?

If it is used accordingly at suggested dosage and instructions, side effects such as diarrhea, constant stomach ache, and stomach cramp are not detected, except for those who are hypersensitive to laxative products. If consumptions exceed the suggested dosage, it may cause diarrhea, hypocalemia and loss of electrolyte, or stomach cramp.

What are the contra indications of consuming Vegeta Herbal?

Not suggested for patients with intestinal obstruction and intestinal inefficiencies such as ulcerative colitis or ileitis, or patients with exocrine pancreatic insuffiency which are refrained from consuming Plantago Ovata / Psyllium because the substance will suppress the reaction of pancreatic lipase.

Vegeta herbal is not suggested for children under 12 years old, pregnant women and women in nursing stage.

What are the differences between Vegeta Orange & Vegeta Mango-Orange with Vegeta Herbal?

Vegeta Orange-Mango and Vegeta Herbal, both contain Plantago ovata that serves to increase volume and soften the stool so easily pushed out. The difference is the main function. Vegeta Orange-Mango serves as a fiber supplement every day to help bowel movement regularly while Vegeta Herbal serves when a bowel movement is already hard. Vegeta Herbal contains Senna and Rei Radix which serves to trigger a strong movement of intestinal muscles that push the dirt, and Foeniculli and Liquirittiae motion that would put the brakes on colon muscle so it does not appear excessive heartburn.

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