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Adem Sari
Adem Sari is a refreshing concentrate containing Citrus Aurantifolia extract, Alyxia stellata ret. Cortex, Cinamommum burmanni BI cortex extracts and Vitamin C which are useful for relieving heatiness, sore throat, canker sore, sore lips and constipation.


  1. To relieve heatiness symptoms such as canker sore, sore throat, mouth ulcer and constipation.
  2. To enhance stamina
  3. To relieve flu symptoms and profuse sneezing

Product Distribution

Packaging of Adem Sari

No. Packaging Carton Configuration
1 Hanger 8 Packs x 3 Hangers x 24 Sachets (7 g)
2 Box 8 Shrinks x 12 Boxes x 6 Sachets (7 g)
3 Family Pack 24’s 24 Boxes x 24 Sachets (7 g)

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Product FAQ
What is heatiness?

According to traditional term, “heatiness” can be caused by the imbalanced consumptions of “hot” based and “cool” based food. Example of “hot” based food such as fried food, fat, meat, chilli, ginger, etc, while vegetables, fruits are basically “cool” based. Heatiness symptoms can also be caused by environmental and emotional factors.

What Are the Symptoms of Heatiness?

The symptoms of heatiness are:

  1. Canker sore (small shallow ulcers in the mouth)
  2. Discomfort in throat (sore or dry in the throat)
  3. Bad breath caused by internal organs
How to relieve heatiness?

Now there is Adem sari to relieve “heatiness” fast, only consume it once and you will feel the difference. Adem Sari is a naturally refreshing and tasty drink with vitamin C that helps to neutralize heatiness. Prove it yourself and feel the advantages compared to other heatiness relieving solution.

How to use it?

Pour one sachet of Adem Sari into a glass, add 200 ml of cold water, stir awhile (do not stir until the foam/gas completely dissolved) and drink immediately. Taste better with ice cold water and drink before the foam/gas dissolved.

Can Adem Sari be consumed by gastritis patients?

Yes. However, it is recommended to have meal prior to consuming Adem Sari due to the high level of acidity and gas (soda) contained.

Can Adem Sari be dissolved in hot water?

Yes. However, the gas foam will be dissolved as well.

Is Adem Sari safe to be consumed by women during pregnancy/nursing stage and children?

Yes, it is, as long as being consumed accordingly with the recommended dosage, because Adem Sari is made of natural ingredients.

Is Adem Sari safe for patients with Diabetes Mellitus and hypertension?

Yes, because the content of saccharose in every sachet is very low, hence it does not effect blood sugar, while its content of salt is very low as well.

Can 2 sachets or more be consumed at once?

It is not suggested, because the high acid and gas contained may cause gastric acid secretion.

Does it Contain vitamin C?

Yes, it does. And the vitamin C contained is sufficient for daily needs.

Is the efficacy of Adem Sari Fresh the same as Adem Sari?

Yes, both Adem Sari Fresh & Adem Sari have similar quality. This is based on survey reports.

Why does Adem Sari Fresh use fragrant cucumber & passion fruit extracts?

Besides providing tasty flavor, the combination of fragrant cucumber and passion fruit contains natural vitamin which is very useful for body especially in relieving heatiness symptoms.

Are there any side effects in long-term consumptions?

No, as long as being consumed accordingly with the recommended dosage.

Can Adem Sari be consumed along with other prescriptions?

It is not suggested, because it will reduce the quality of either Adem Sari or the medicine, and the functions of both products won’t be maximized.

Is Adem Sari Fresh consumed only to relieve heatiness symptoms?

No, other than relieving heatiness it is also refreshing and keeps your body cool for the whole day.

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