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Vegeta is a fiber supplement made from selected natural plants such as Plantago Ovata and Chicory roots to maintain the health of your digestive system.


  1. To ease defecation process regularly
  2. To prevent hemorrhoids
  3. To help diet process by binding fat from food
  4. To help reduce cholesterol

Product Distribution

Variants and Packaging

No Packaging Variant Carton Configuration
1 Hanger Orange 8 Packs x 6 Hangers x 12 Sachets (6.3 g)
2 Box Orange 8 Packs x 12 Boxes x 6 Sachets (6.3 g)
3 Family Pack Box Orange 24 Boxes x 24 Sachets (6.3 g)

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Product FAQ
Why do we need VEGETA?

Vegeta is made of selected natural plants such as Plantago Ovata and Chicory roots. Vegeta contains Plantago Ovata fiber which has the best compositions of soluble and insoluble fibers, with 71% soluble fiber and 15% insoluble fiber. Furthermore, it has many advantages:

  • Protects against degenerative diseases.
  • Relieves constipation and prevents hemorrhoids.
  • Reduces cholesterol and prevents coronary heart disease and stroke.
  • Controls body weight and helps diet.
  • Plantago Ovata (Psyllium Husk) is a fiber supplement which health claim has been approved by US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) since 17 February 1998 and recommended as one of the natural fiber resources.

Vegeta contains Inulin Chicori fiber which has been known to this day as the best prebiotic substance in the world. Inulin fiber consists of 100% soluble fiber which has many advantages:

  • Protective in nature against degenerative diseases.
  • Acting as prebiotic substance to increase the amount of good bacteria and suppress the propagation of bad/dangerous bacteria such as bacteria that causes diarrhea, etc.
  • Enhancing mineral absorption in the body such as calcium, thus preventing osteoporosis on menopause women and helping children’s bone development.

In early 2002, Vegeta has been clinically tested and approved in reducing total and bad cholesterols (LDL), furthermore, it had helped to ease defecation in one of the famous cardiovascular center in Jakarta.

The benefits of Vegeta have received numerous consumers’ satisfaction testimonials. It was proven by Vegeta being bestowed the ICSA (Indonesia Customer Satisfaction Award) from Majalah SWA and Frontier in 2002.

How much Vegeta should we consume?
  • For healthiness, daily fiber needs, and to ease daily defecation process: Adults and children age 12 and above: 1 – 3  times daily at 1 sachet. Usually defecation process will be smoother after 1–3 days consumptions.
  • To help diet and reduce excessive cholesterol in the body: Adults: 3 times daily, to be consumed after meal, step by step the benefits will take effect after 5 weeks consumptions.
  • To reduce the risk of heart disease: Adults : 3- 4 times daily at 1 sachet.
  • For pregnant women, it is advised to consume Vegeta after pregnancy has reached more than 5 months old, 1-2 times daily at 1 sachet (it is suggested that you consult your physician prior to consumption).
  • For children under 12 years old: 1 – 2 times daily at  ½ sachet.
  • For patients with type II Diabetes: 1 – 2  times daily at 1 sachet.
Is it necessary to consume Vegeta every day?

Yes, as a fiber supplement resource that the body needs every day. Based on the data of Puslitbang Gizi Dekpes RI, the level of fiber consumed by Indonesian people has only reached 10.5 grams a day. If we consume 3 sachets of Vegeta every day, which every sachet contains 3 grams of fiber, it means there are additional 9 grams of fiber consumed. Therefore, the total of fiber consumptions is about 20 grams. To meet the total of 30 grams of daily food fiber, it is suggested to consume alot of fruits, vegetables, grains, and drink a lot of water regularly at least 8 glasses per day.

Based on clinical research conducted on Vegeta, the supplementations of 3 sachets of Vegeta every day using “randomized double blind controlled study” method, it is concluded that Vegeta could reduce total and bad cholesterol levels and helped to ease defecation process, without affecting triglyceride, electrolyte, and fasting blood sugar levels, liver and kidney functions, and there were no serious side effects detected.

Is consuming Vegeta every day safe for the health of digestive system?

Yes, based on various scientific researches and clinical analysis studies conducted by FDA (Food and Drug Administration), it is concluded that Plantago Ovata (Psyllium Husk), the active substance contained in Vegeta, could reduce the risk of heart desease and cholesterol level in the blood.

Based on clinical analysis study on Vegeta at one of the cardiovascular centers in Jakarta, supplementations of 3 sachets of Vegeta everyday using “randomized double blind controlled study” method, it is concluded that Vegeta could reduce the total and bad cholesterol levels, and helped defecating process, without affecting triglyceride, electrolyte, fasting blood sugar levels, liver and kidney functions, and there were no serious side effects detected.

What are the side effects after consuming Vegeta?

Consuming Vegeta more than the recommended dosage may cause gassy stomach and temporary intestinal disorder. Both disorders will disappear by themselves after getting used to consuming Vegeta. Discomfort on the throat if consumed directly in dry powder form.

What are the contra indications of consuming Vegeta?

Not suggested for patients with intestinal obstructions and intestinal disorders such as ulcerative colitis or ileitis, or patients with exocrine pancreatic insuffiency are refrained from consuming Plantago Ovata / Psyllium because it will suppress the reaction of pancreatic lipase.

What are the differences between Vegeta Neutral with Vegeta Orange or Mango Orange flavor?

Vegeta Neutral is a new varian with no added flavor so that it can be mixed with your favorite juice. Vegeta Neutral does not contain aspartame and inulin either and low in calorie so that it is safe to be consumed by pregnant women and diabetic patients.

What are the differences between Vegeta Orange & Vegeta Mango-Orange with Vegeta Herbal?

Vegeta Orange-Mango and Vegeta Herbal, both contain Plantago ovata that serves to increase volume and soften the stool so easily pushed out. The difference is the main function. Vegeta Orange-Mango serves as a fiber supplement every day to help bowel movement regularly while Vegeta Herbal serves when a bowel movement is already hard. Vegeta Herbal contains Senna and Rei Radix which serves to trigger a strong movement of intestinal muscles that push the dirt, and Foeniculli and Liquirittiae motion that would put the brakes on colon muscle so it does not appear excessive heartburn.

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