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Sensa Cools

Product Knowledge
Sensa CoolsSensa Cools is a refreshing herbal powder cooling drink for relieving heatiness.
It contains traditional herbs that are traditionally known to relieve the symptoms of heatiness that are commonly associated with sore throat, mouth ulcer, bad breath, problems in bowel movement, pimples etc, it also contains natural Vitamin C.

Product Distribution
Vietnam, Hongkong

Lemon fizz, Lemon Non Fizz




No. Variant Packaging Stock Keeping Unit
1 Lemon Fizz Sachet (7 gram) Sachet, Hanger, Inner Box
2 Lemon non Fizz Sachet (7 gram) Sachet, Inner Box, Family Packs

Product FAQ
Why should I consume Sensa Cools?

Because of the active ingredients that show great effects for relieving symptoms of heatiness.
Vitamin C content in Sensa Cools also plays a great role in enhancing human’s immune system since human body can’t synthesize Vitamin C.

Is it okay for children to drink Sensa Cools?

Yes, Sensa Cools is great for the entire family.

How long does it take before an improvement is seen after Sensa Cools consumption?

Everyone will receive benefits within different time periods depend on their body’s nutritional needs. However, most people will begin to see noticeable results within 2-3 days.

Is there any side effect during the consumption of Sensa Cools?

No, as you follow the recommended dosage written in the label because Sensa Cools is made up of natural ingredients which have no side effect for human.

How soon should Sensa Cools be consumed after it is mixed with water?

It is recommended to consume Sensa Cools immediately after being dissolved with water to prevent loss content of soda and the active ingredient.

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