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Company Overview
Enesis Indonesia, established since 1988, has grown into a leading company of home care, personal care and functional drink products in local markets throughout Indonesia. Enesis Indonesia has 5 leading brands in national markets and with more than 3,000 dedicated employees. Supported by Enesis Group's strength in product research and development, through market research, creative advertising & promotion, loyal distributionships, highly skilled human resources and solid financial structure, Enesis Indonesia is able to grow amid fierce competition.


Product Overview

The Soffell’s success story as the first mosquito repellent in Indonesia has challenged us to produce other home & personal care and nutraceutical & functional drink products. This has been proven since 2002, our efforts in growing and developing products have been acknowledged by awards and certificates from various institutions, such as Top Brand and ICSA (Indonesia Costumer Satisfaction Award).

Enesis Indonesia products have been distributed throughout Indonesia. We distribute our products through our own distribution network and local distributor networks, ranging from traditional markets, modern markets, and pharmacy or medical institutions. Today, Enesis Indonesia has expanded its product line into various categories and become one of the prominent FMCG groups in Indonesia.

We believe that products with good qualities are the main provisions that will bring us to strengthen consumer loyalty and enhance the growth of sustainable company in the long term. Through our well-known brands, we committed to continuously improve the quality of product innovation for our consumers' comforts of life.

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