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Enesis Singapore

Company Overview

Enesis Singapore is the global center and headquarter for the innovation, research & development and marketing for Enesis Group, which has been in the business of household care, personal care and functional drink products since 1988.

Team of researchers from USA, China and Indonesia along with universities such as National University of Singapore and foreign research institutions collaborate together on research & development projects within the center.

Equipped with technologically advanced facilities, Enesis Singapore strives to continually develop high quality and healthy products for its consumers. It is a never ending commitment from Enesis Singapore  to the society in presenting our products in the market.

Research and development includes all products in personal care, house-hold care, functional drink, neutraceutical and OTC (Over The Counter) drug. The developed products should have strong nutritional profiles and advantages to the consumers by identifying the market needs integrated with advanced technological solutions.

We understand that innovation, research and development are the key factors in providing high quality FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) products for our consumers worldwide, whether in terms of health, nutrition and taste.

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