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Enesis China

Company Overview

Enesis China is a beverage enterprise group which was founded in 2009. The head office of Enesis China is located at China International Center on ZhongShan 3rd road in Guangzhou. Enesis China is divided into 5 departments respectively, such as: production, sales, marketing, financial and administration. Enesis China also has 3 sales representative offices for distribution in Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen.

As a leading company in beverage enterprise, Enesis China has been continually establishing and improving its personnel structure. The company consists of many professional managers with in-depth experience in various industries, each of them had worked in highly respected foreign companies in the past 10 years before joining Enesis China. Innovative management and operation are used in leading Enesis China to establish a leading enterprise and create a good international image.

Product Overview

Typically, herbal tea is simply the combination of boiling water and dried fruits, flowers or herbs with black color and an uncomfortably bitter taste. It is used to cool down and relieve heatiness symptoms such as sore throat, mouth ulcer and constipation. Qing Ku (QK) is an innovative herbal tea with a superior, wholesome, and refined taste, without bitterness, and effective to balance heatiness naturally. It is the next generation of SENSACOOL which has been the market leader in heatiness-relieving drink category in Indonesia, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

QK is thoroughly researched and developed by professional and experienced research teams with technologically advanced facilities. Its function and effects are proven by the consumers in various countries. The results of the taste test conducted by our research and development team are positive, and customers have high expectation for QK launching. The emergence of QK will bring a new sense in Chinese beverage market. With its proven effectiveness, QK has a high development potential and will undoubtedly be a new star of herbal drink in China.

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