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20 December 2013
Proman Earned The Most Favorite Ads on SCTV Award 2013

The annual award of SCTV Award which broadcast live from Hall D Kemayoran Jakarta on Friday, November 29th 2013 confirmed Proman as the winner of “Iklan Paling Ngetop” after successfully surpass other ads such as: Vaseline (Noah version), Indofood (Indomie Festive Gerobak Ramadhan version, So Nice (Semua Makan So Nice version), and Teh Rio (SM*SH version). In His speech, Dwianto Arif (Manager of Marketing Communication) that is accompanied by Dwisapta expressesProman appreciation to all voters and Proman loyal consumers.

SCTV Award award which is the highest awards for artists and the entire program in SCTV is given to the nominees of “Paling Ngetop” to each category is based on the acquisition of a poll conducted via SMS or via social media (facebook&twitter) since Oktober 28th until November 28th 2013. Iklan Paling Ngetop awards achieved, proving that Proman has gained the support of the people of Indonesia. Proman 5 Hours Energy is Growing! 

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