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06 November 2018
Enesis Care for Palu
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05 August 2015
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11 June 2015
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12 May 2015
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08 December 2014
Fatigue and sleepiness while driving are often considered as insignificant by the drivers. However, a study by the National Sleep Foundation (2011) as quoted by the New York Times stated…
03 November 2014
Rainy season often caused musty smell on clothes. Inadequate clothes drying process by the sunlight and the humid air has caused the clothes do not dry completely. Do you know…
01 May 2012
Do you have ever felt sweltering in the mid day that is followed by heavy rain afterward? During the past year, the weather in Indonesia is unpredictable. According to the…
01 December 2011
You might have heard the word over heat and heat stroke before, but do you know what the effects are and how it always starts? You can guess easily that…
22 November 2011
You can’t eat nor sleep, that’s kind of the big picture when you have canker sores. We all know canker sores quite well, sounds like a non danger disease but…
01 September 2011
Imagine if you bought a pretty dress or a new shirt because you really loved the color. But after a few times washing and drying the piece of cloth, the…
01 September 2011
Diabetes Mellitus (DM) disease happens genetically from parental who had diabetes too, but it can also happen because of our unhealthy lifestyle. For people with diabetes, going to the bathroom…
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