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09 May 2017
Various methods are used to prevent dengue fever, as well as other mosquito-borne diseases, ranging from mosquito nest eradication program (PSN) known as 3M Plus which are drain and close…
12 April 2017
Sometimes we feel the body becomes easily tired, especially after day full of work or activity. Beside enough of rest, we need to do these following things to increase our…
27 March 2017
Keeping the body hydrated to stay balanced is an important thing to watch out for, especially when you are exercising to avoid dehydration effects. As quoted from Liputan6.com, according to…
20 February 2017
Constipation is a problem in the digestive system where a person becomes difficult to defecate. The causes of constipation are diverse, such as fluid deprivation, heatiness, depression or stress, unhealthy…
18 January 2017
The germs that cause disease are everywhere and very easy to move around. Therefore, the effort to make ourselves completely free from disease-causing germs is not easy. Although we already…
15 December 2016
Packing  clothes for the holidays is not as easy as imagined. Infrequently, we choose the wrong clothes and the clothes that we brought to holiday becomes unused. Thus, it is…
17 November 2016
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05 October 2016
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06 September 2016
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08 August 2016
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