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18 January 2017
Maintaining Hand Hygiene From Germs

The germs that cause disease are everywhere and very easy to move around. Therefore, the effort to make ourselves completely free from disease-causing germs is not easy. Although we already have take a bath 2 times a day  and always washing our hands with water and soap before eating, in fact, it is not enough to make sure someone is free from germs which carrying disease.

Some things and objects around us are the source of disease-carrying germs. For example a pillow, the object that we used to sleep this can be a source of germs that can cause asthma sufferers shortness of breath. Not to mention the computer keyboard, which is a place of germs that are brought by human fingers from previous activities. Not only that, public facilities such as the elevator button is also a lot of inhabited by various germs and viruses. Still from public facilities, the buttons on ATM machines or machines absent at the office should also watch out for, even according to research quoted from Detik.com, the button on the ATM machine or office absent machine contains 50% of fecal bacteria.

Source of germs that we can find in  is public facilities, for example is in pedestal in the seat plane or train. According to an article from Kompas.com, the usual feeding mats on a plane or train contain a variety of viruses such as influenza, norovirus, and MRSA viruses that can survive for several weeks. Tea or coffee pots used by all people also contain coliform and parainfluenza bacteria. Similarly, the toilet faucet also contains E-coli and salmonella.

Therefore, beside we have to washing hands with running water and soap, using of antiseptic fluid is also required, such as Antis. Antis is a 70% alcohol hand sanitizer that has been clinically tested and rapidly kills 99% of germs that cause diarrhea, typhus, flu, and others. Antis contains moisturizer so we do not need to worry if the hand will dry after using Antis. Antis is very practical, not sticky in hand, and can be used anywhere and anytime as well as using it before and after meals, after shaking hands with others, after holding money or other public facilities, after coming from the toilet, before taking care of the baby, and other activites.

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