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04 January 2019
The Benefits of Orange Peel

Orange fruit we know as a fruit that is rich in vitamin C, this fruit is also recommended to be consumed daily to provide benefits for our body. But it turns out that not only fruit from orange fruit is useful, we can also use orange peel. The following are the benefits of orange peel :

1. Can be used as Toner, Mask or Scrub

Orange peel is rich in antioxidants so it is beneficial for the skin. Because of that, it is not surprising if many beauty products that use oranges as one of the compositions because oranges are useful to soften and brighten the skin

2. Help Increase Our Immune System

Orange peel contains vitamins C and A which are good sources of antioxidants for health. The vitamin content in orange fruits can prevent flu, fever, and various infections in the body, including also relieve cough and asthma

3. As a Mosquito Repellent.

Not only useful as skin care and health, it turns out orange peel can also be used as a mosquito repellent. Mosquitoes are known not to like the smell of orange peel, it is caused because the orange peel contains a compound called limonene. These compounds cause a pungent odor that is not liked by mosquitoes.

One of the mosquito repellent products with orange peel’s ingredient is Soffell. Soffell comes with a lotion and spray that can protect the body with the effectiveness of protection for up to 8 hours. Soffell has 2 protections which protect the body from mosquito bites with its aroma, and protect the body from mosquito bites with a taste that mosquitoes don't like. Soffell has 3 types of variants, namely, Soffell Geranium Flowers, Orange Soffell, and Bengkoang Soffell.






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