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03 December 2018
Do Not Underestimate Dehydration

When doing daily activities, without realizing it our bodies lose fluids. Lack of fluid in the body can make us dehydrated. Dehydration is caused by very hot weather and lack of drinking water.

Symptoms of dehydration are sometimes considered unimportant and ignored, besides they can be dangerous. This condition is divided into two stages: mild dehydration which can be immediately treated by consuming more fluids. Then, there is severe dehydration that requires medical treatment.

Symptoms of mild dehydration are thirst, dry mouth, chapped lips, headaches, fatigue, and lack of energy. Meanwhile, severe dehydration can make the muscles contract, blood pressure decreases, rapid breathing, seizures until loss of consciousness, and can make the body get fever attacks. This problem can develop into urinary tract infections, kidney stones, kidney failure, and even hypovolemic shock or emergency conditions when the heart is unable to supply enough blood throughout the body due to lack of blood volume. How to deal with dehydration is to drink water, or eat fruits that are high in water content, besides that you can also drink beverages containing electrolytes.

To get rid of dehydration faster, we can consume Coolant, a body cooling drink that contains ions in the form of natural minerals such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium from mountain water. Coolant can get rid of thirst quickly and replace electrolytes lost due to sweating. The conditioning essence in the form of bengkoang extract and chrysanthemum flowers naturally function to eliminate heat and make the body cool again.





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