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15 November 2018
Keep The Body Healthy in Rainy Season

Entering the rainy season, there are usually many diseases. Exposed to rain can make us got headaches, flu, or catch a cold. The relationship between rain and headache actually occurs because of a sudden change in body temperature when exposed to cold rain water. This condition can cause blood vessels to narrow to maintain heat in the body. However, indirectly, when blood vessels get narrow, oxygen intake to the area of ​​the brain will be reduced which can trigger a headache.

In addition to headaches, as reported by Harvard Health Publishing, influenza viruses are indeed spread most efficiently when the temperature and humidity are low. This certainly can explain why flu and nasal congestion often attack in the rainy season. Cold and humid air can also cause bacterial viruses to develop. Other diseases that are often in rainy season is cold. Although it sounds cliche, this disease is quite troublesome because it can interfere our daily activities.

When you get headaches, flu, nasal congestion or colds, you can use medicated oil, like Plossa Press & Sooth Aromatics. Medicated oil can be used to provide a cool sensation so that the mucus in the nose can melt. In addition, medicated oil can also provide other benefits, such as reducing headaches and eliminating colds.

Plossa has the concept of 4in1 as massage, scraping, roll on, and in haler (pikerolin), Plossa is more practical, modern and efficient. The benefit of Plossa is, it can relieve aches, headaches, symptoms of colds, bloating, and nausea. Plossa comes with 3 variants namely Eucalyptus (natural eucalyptus), Red Hot (extra warm), and Blue Mountain (relaxing) which can be adjusted to your tastes and needs.








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