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09 October 2018
Weather Changes, Mosquitoes Strike

Sunny day in the afternoon and heavy rain at night, it is an example of weather changing. Changing weather changes air pressure, temperature, and air composition. This will create conditions that is suitable for the development of germs and viruses.

These weather changes can affect the body’s condition because our body must adjust to the air and the temperature changes. Weather changes can caused a decrease in endurance and metabolism, so we can easily get sick. Diseases that often occur during weather changes such as fever, cough, and flu.

Other than that, the weather changes that increase the hot temperature turned out to make the mosquito population increase. Hot weather makes mosquitoes mate and lay eggs, high temperatures also accelerate the life cycle of mosquitoes and newborn mosquitoes need blood to develop. Low-intensity rainfall also adds to the breeding grounds for mosquitoes, mosquitoes lay eggs in rainwater puddles.

Mosquito bite can be very dangerous because they can cause disease. Some diseases caused by mosquito bites are found in Indonesia such as dengue fever, malaria, chikungunya, and zika. To prevent mosquito bites can be done using mosquito repellent, both spray mosquito repellent and lotion applied to the skin.

One example of a mosquito repellent lotion product that is safe to use for every family is Soffell. Soffell comes in the form of lotions and sprays that can be used to protect the body from mosquito bites at any time, such as watching television or while sleeping. Soffell can protect body skin from mosquito bites with the effectiveness of protection reaching 8-10 hours. Soffell has 2 protections which protect the body from mosquito bites with its aroma, and protect the body from mosquito bites with a taste that mosquitoes don't like.





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